At Happy Heart, we are firm believers that there is always something to celebrate. Every culture throughout history has worked to master the art of celebration. And nothing is more needed now in our fast-paced, individualized modern world.

When we throw parties, we are connecting to the deeper story of our humanity. Celebrations bring us together, face to face, cultivating an unmatched strength and uniting us in joy & gratitude.

– Stephanie 

Creative Director / Owner

Stephanie  started Happy Heart in 2017 with a dream to make it easy and affordable for anyone to throw unforgettable parties. Her creation of paper goods with modern minimal design has been a fun addition to the kids’ party world.

Stephanie is a full-time partier, continually celebrating the milestones and events of her friends, neighbors, and family. Together with her husband Dan and two adorable kids, Evie & Maxx, they purpose to bring joy to the world, one party at a time.



Melanie has always had a love for the arts, and started hand-lettering about 4 years ago. One project after another, she realized she had a passion for creating beautiful products and prints that could inspire or bring joy. She started Words and Things Co. in 2016, and is now a self taught graphic designer! She is currently working on an online store front, which will be launching later this year. She now lives in Boise, ID with her husband and adorable little girl.