Creative Director / Owner

Stephanie started Happy Heart in 2017 with a dream to make it easy and affordable for anyone to throw unforgettable parties. Her selection of paper goods with modern minimal design have been a fun addition to the kids’ world. She is very excited to collaborate with some of her favorite designers and provide a curated selection of prints, posters, and party goods that are inspired by minimal design.


Melanie has always had a love for the arts, and started hand-lettering about 4 years ago. One project after another, she realized she had a passion for creating beautiful products and prints that could inspire or bring joy. She started Words and Things Co. in 2016, and is now a self taught graphic designer! She is currently working on an online store front, which will be launching later this year. She now lives in Boise, ID with her husband and adorable little girl. 


Jordan Younger is an artist currently living in Boise Idaho. He has lived in several different cities engaging in many creative platforms including music, photography, design, and painting. He has a love for the arts and a deep passion for the community that revolves around them.


 Willow is a modern everyday stylist living in Boise, ID and the founder of the @willowstyleco channel on Instagram. Consistent delivery is the hallmark of this stylist’s work, marked by the simple, timeless, minimalist and chic aesthetic in black and white tones.


Morgan Wolf  is a lover of all things design and digital. She graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design from Full Sail University, and operates out of her home as a full-time creative director, graphic designer and illustrator. Her officemates include her three adorable adopted Chiweenies (chihuahua + dachshunds) and occasionally her cool, part-time musician husband. She has a passion for new ideas, quirky sayings, and collecting all things vintage. In her spare time she loves to dive into video tutorials of her favorite web/illustrating programs, run, draw, play guitar, and watch anything and everything sci-fi related.